Von Braun Civic Center Exhibition/Arts Huntsville Gallery

ALWCA Member Showcase

August 24th-October 22nd 2018

The purpose of the exhibition is to introduce ALWCA to the wider community. VBCC exhibitions should be appropriate for all ages. The space is considered an "involuntary gallery" and is passed on the way to Fantasy Playhouse shows in the theatre.

Entry fee: $10.00

Jurors: Kim Ward and Alex Abel-Boozer. Studio visits will be in July.

All artistic styles and media is welcome although 3-D work will need to be hung on wires and rest against the wall. More details to follow.

Paper/Work: A Juried Exhibition of Works On/Of Paper

Participating Artists:

Carrie Alderfer
Emily Bodnar
Margee Bright Ragland
Adele Crawford
Rachel Epp Buller
Claire Lewis Evans
Andrea Ferrigno
Susie Garrett
Joni Gruber
Stacey Holloway
Deborah Hunter-Davis
Stephanie Kirkland
Stacy Koffman
Tara Lee
Rona Lesser
Sarah Mathews
Allison McElroy
Amanda Morgado
Indrani Nayar-Gall
Corinna Nicole
Kelly Parvin
Jamie Runnells
Emily Shopp
Jauneth Skinner
Nishiki Sugawara-Beda
Kayte Terry
Briana Tippetts
Susan Vitali
Kaitlin West
Beverly West Leach
pulvinar dapibus leo.