Frequently Asked Questions

No, ALWCA is a place for anyone who wants to support women in the arts.
Members receive a wide variety of benefits, including exhibition and networking opportunities, access to publications and artist services, and a chance to serve our art community and broaden public access to the arts. Read more about joining and check out a list of local and national benefits.
ALWCA requests that you help with one event per membership year. After that you can choose the level of commitment you want to make.
Our dues are $55 a year, $40 goes to the national organization and $15 to our chapter. Annual dues are paid each January.
On the local level we use dues to support exhibitions, workshops and service projects as well as general operating expenses.

The National Organization sponsors an annual conference, with a major exhibition and lifetime achievement awards. The legacy initiative ensure that women’s art will be cataloged, collected and preserved in museums and institutions throughout the country. They also offer modest grants for chapter development and conference travel and provides services and discounts for members.

ALWCA has events both on weeknight and on weekends, so there are a variety of opportunities for everyone’s schedule.
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